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By 2050, there will be 9 billion hungry people in the world and less farmland and resources than there’s ever been. The solutions are keenly debated both in rural and urban society. We believe there is a need for young leaders to be engaged in finding sustainable agricultural solutions to the growing global need for safe, nutritious food.

What’s your vision on how to feed a growing world population?

On August 24-28, 2015, young leaders from around the world will gather at the Global Youth Ag-Summit to discuss ideas, develop a vision and deliver action. If you’re 18-25 and care about our planet’s future, you should be part of this. Send us your thoughts and we might send you to Canberra, Australia to share them with 100 other bright young minds and leaders.

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Today agriculture is becoming more complex than ever and we are facing new challenges. Find out more about global trends and challenges in agriculture in our facts section:


How it works

Young people aged 18-25* who are personally, professionally and academically interested in agriculture, food security, environmental and social stewardship, can submit an essay outlining their ideas on the causes, impacts and possible solutions to global food security. Your ability to demonstrate your original ideas and your passion will be the key selection criteria for the Youth Ag-Summit. Essays of 1,500 word (maximum) are being accepted through January 31, 2015 address the essay question below;

*Please download the Application Guidelines, which contains full information about the application submission format, participant criteria and submission method.

Essay question

In the next 40 years, it is projected that the world population will grow from 7 to about 9 billion, yet for many different reasons, 1 billion people today still do not have enough safe and nutritious food to eat. Demand is rising while resources are dwindling. Solutions are strongly debated across rural, urban and international communities.

Using your own village, town, city or country as your point of reference, tell us what you think are the underlying causes of food insecurity, and the effect it can have on a population, both at a local and global level.

Based on this, explain what changes to agricultural or food chain practices, or personal and community behaviors could help solve these issues to create a more sustainable local and global society.


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Last Summit

Where the movement began

The Youth Ag-Summit movement started in Canada in 2013, together with the youth development and empowerment organization 4-H Canada. The goal was to share perspectives and create an open dialogue on how the global agricultural community will meet the task of nourishing an estimated world population of more than nine billion by the year 2050. An impressive week of presentations, tours, debates, and collaboration which has led to over 350 personal, localized actions being implemented by the attending delegates and their mentors.

Impressions of former participants

  • Who can participate?

    Young people (aged 18-25) and mentors with a passion for sustainable agriculture, food security and safety.

  • How can I apply for the Youth Ag-Summit?

    You need to submit an essay of 1,500 words via our submission tool on our website. We do not accept handwritten essays. All essays need to be submitted in English. You will find more information in our guidelines when the essay contest is launched on October 2, 2014.

  • I already applied for the last Youth Ag-Summit in 2013 but wasn’t successful. Can I still apply for the Youth Ag-Summit in 2015?

    Yes, former unsuccessful applicants are invited to apply for the second Youth Ag-Summit.

  • You are a former participant and interested in taking part as a Mentor?

    We will invite three “Alumni-Mentors” to the Youth Ag-Summit in 2015! There will be a competition announced at a later point of the application process. The Alumni-Mentor will be chosen from a Jury in March 2015. More information will be announced soon.

  • When is the deadline for the essay contest?

    The essay contest will be launched on 2 October and will close on January 31, 2015, at 11:59pm (UTC-11).

  • What does the winner receive?

    The Youth Ag-Summit is not about winning a prize. It rather serves as an international forum where young people from all over the world can exchange and discuss their ideas about the challenges in agriculture. You are invited to travel to Australia to gain valuable experience as well as an international network for the future.

  • When will I know if I have been chosen?

    You will be notified in March via email. We will announce further details and the exact date on this Website and our Social media channels, so stay tuned.

  • How will Youth Ag-Summit participants be selected?

    Our jury will evaluate each essay individually with the help of a detailed evaluation system.

  • Which costs are covered?

    The costs for attending the Summit are covered by the Youth Ag-Summit organizers. These include: Visa, flights, transportation, accommodation and catering. All other travel costs not related to Youth Ag-Summit activities will not be covered by organizers.

  • What documents do I need to enter Australian territory?

    You need a passport by end of February, 2015. If you already have a passport, please make sure that it is valid 6 months from August 20, 2015. Visa will be organized individually with the help of the caretaker in your country.

  • Which language skills are required?

    You should have fluent English skills, both in written and oral. The essay needs to be submitted in English.

  • What if I need special medical assistance to attend?

    Please let us know in advance whether you require medical assistance. We will then try our best to arrange medical assistance that will take care of your specific needs at the Youth Ag-Summit.

  • Why is my country not listed in the eligible country list in the guidelines? Can I still apply?

    Our country list for 2015 is further expanded from 2013, and we have identified either an active youth organization or Bayer office that can support, mentor and keep you motivated and connected to the global network post-Summit. This post-Summit support is key to providing you, as a young aspiring leader, with the resources you need to be successful. If your country is not listed as eligible, we are unfortunately not able to support you when you return to your community post-Summit. Please know that we’re continually evaluating eligible countries as we develop and take this program forward. The list of eligible countries for the 2015 Youth Ag-Summit is final.

    Recognizing we will potentially have numerous interested young leaders that are not currently eligible for the 2015 Youth Ag-Summit activities, we are currently investigating global connectivity options to potentially provide live streaming or recordings of certain Summit elements. This is part of our commitment to you as someone who is passionate about agriculture, and aspiring to be a change leader in your local community, country and globally. Please provide us with your email address via the contact form and the subject “Youth Ag-Summit involvement” and we will add you to our newsletter about opportunities to engage.

  • I don’t have a passport yet, can I apply?

    In order to be an eligible selected delegate for the 2015 Youth Ag-Summit, you must have a valid passport as of end of February, 2015. This timing will enable us to secure a visa for you in time for the Summit if you are selected.

  • I’m not 18-25 years. Can I apply anyway?

    Unfortunately participants have to be 18-25 years at the time of the Summit.

If you have any other questions, please contact us


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