The History of the Youth Ag-Summit

Already two Summit have taken place to date inviting young changemakers who want to make a difference in this world.

The first Youth Ag-Summit started in Canada in 2013, together with the youth development and empowerment organization 4-H Canada. The goal was to share perspectives and create an open dialogue on how the global agricultural community will meet the task of nourishing an estimated world population of more than 9 billion by the year 2050. An impressive week of presentations, tours, debates, and collaboration which has led to over 350 personal, localized actions that are implemented by the attending delegates and their mentors. 


The second Summit took place in Canberra, Australia in 2015. 100 young leaders from 33 countries came together to discuss ideas, develop a vision and deliver actions.


Almost 2,000 essays from 87 countries reached us, written by dedicated young people with a passion for agriculture and inspiring thoughts. Out of that number, these 100 bright young minds were chosen to attend the Youth Ag-Summit to make a change. 


An initiative of Bayer’s Crop Science Division, the Summit was held in conjunction with Australia’s only national youth agricultural network “Future Famers Network” (FFN) Australia. Operating since 2002, Future Farmers Network connects and supports young Australians involved in all facets of agriculture and provides members with access to the latest news, events, scholarships, wards and information from across all aspects of the Australian agricultural sector.